Terms of Use and Personal Data Policy
1. About us
KOFIZ is managed by Albuca OU, a company registered in Estonia under the number 14489571 at the registered office: Harju maakond, Tallin, Kesklinna linnaosa, Pärnu, mnt 41a, 10119.

You can contact the Albuca OU Support Office by writing to privacy@kofiz.ru or by mail.

Our basic principles of data processing and protection:

● Data is fair and legitimate.
● Data processing is carried out for specific purposes and only in accordance with the objectives.
● Data is adequate (not excessive).
● The data is accurate.
● Data is not stored longer than necessary.
● Data is processed in accordance with your rights.
● Data is safe.
● Data is not transferred to other organizations, institutions or foreign countries without adequate adequate protection.
2. What information does KOFIZ collect?
KOFIZ is an application whose main purpose is to provide more favorable prices for the purchase of goods from the KOFIZ assortment . This opportunity is provided through the application on the Android and iOS platform, where application users have the opportunity to select any of the presented products and pay for them through the application. By registering for KOFIZ , you enter into a legal agreement with us, and we process your data in order to provide the service in accordance with the terms of this agreement. You can use the application KOFIZ and its functions only if you have the legal right to use a bank card, which you attach to the application ..

To join KOFIZ you need to create a profile. During the registration process, we may ask you to provide the following information: name or nickname, email address, phone number. You can provide more information about yourself if asked, but it will not be required. You control your profile and have constant access to your data in the "Profile" section of KOFIZ, where all data can be corrected or updated (except for email address, phone number and date of birth). If you need to change any of the data previously written, you can contact KOFIZ support by writing to privacy@kofiz.ru .

In the interest of security and in order to improve the user experience, all users must pass account verification. Verification may require your phone number. This is only necessary to make sure that you are not a robot and you are a unique user. We are also struggling with the creation of fake accounts that can be used to harm other users, as well as to commit cybercrime - such accounts pose a threat to the KOFIZ community and destroy the KOFIZ economy. Profile verification is carried out by a third party, which can store your phone number for up to 90 days in order to prevent illegal actions on KOFIZ. We use your phone number based on the above legitimate interests and in order to prevent fraud.

If you decide to purchase one of our products, we will process your payment information and store it securely to prevent fraud, as well as for audit or tax purposes. In accordance with the data protection law, we need to collect and process this payment data in order to fulfill our obligations to you. The storage of this data is justified by our legitimate interests outlined above.

Finally, we want to inform you about our promotions and offers. If you agree to this, we will use your email address and phone number to send you similar information. You can change your mind at any time by writing to privacy@kofiz.ru.

3. What data does the KOFIZ mobile app collect when I use it?
We and our partner advertisers can also store and use the identifier of your device to provide you with targeted advertising within the application. Targeted advertising is a recommendation to purchase those products from the menu to which you gave your taste preferences. We will not offer you to purchase goods from third parties, that's all. what is offered inside the application can be purchased in an offline store.

When you use your Facebook profile to log in to KOFIZ , we can receive data such as your email, date of birth, list of your friends using the application. Your friends can also see you on Facebook as a KOFIZ user.
4. On what legal basis can KOFIZ use my data?
We can use your data only if we have a legal basis for this. The table below provides an overview of the legal grounds KOFIZ relies on when using your data. In the event that a legal basis implies an agreement, you can refuse us to use your data. In the event that a legitimate reason implies a legitimate interest, you have the right to object to the use of your data. In the relevant sections of this privacy policy, we explain how you can withdraw your consent or refuse to use your data (if applicable).
5. How long does KOFIZ keep my data?
We store your personal information only as long as we need it based on legitimate interests (as indicated above) and in accordance with applicable law.

In practice, we delete or anonymize your information when you delete your account (after a period of preservation), unless:

1. we must store data in accordance with applicable law (for example, some information must be stored for one year in order to comply with the obligations to preserve the statutory data);

2. we must store data in evidence that we comply with applicable law (for example, our documentation of the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other similar agreements is stored for five years);

3. there is an unresolved problem, complaint or dispute requiring the storage of information until the conflict is resolved; or

4. Information should be stored for our legitimate interests, such as preventing fraud and improving the safety of users. For example, information may be required to prevent new registration of a user account previously blocked for incorrect behavior or for violating the rules for the safe use of the service.
6. What information does KOFIZ collect about my friends and contacts?
You can invite friends to register in the KOFIZ application so that they can also invite new people to install the application. If you want to invite your friends, we can send them an invitation on your behalf by e-mail or SMS (if you use the application for Android or iPhone). If one of the invitees does not register within a few days after the invitation, we can send them a reminder of your invitation. You can invite all your friends or just some of them.
7. With whom is KOFIZ sharing my data?
We may provide third parties, such as AppMetrica, Firebase, Amplitude, Foursquare, with aggregate information that includes your personal data (but does not directly identify you) together with other information, including third party data, for market analysis and demographic data to show targeted advertising of our products and display the popularity of our application and institution without identifying specific users. We do not display any type of advertising for other products and services not related to KOFIZ.

We share your data with the following categories of third parties:

1. IT companies (hardware and software) that provide services to support our products.

2. Fraud prevention services and anti-spam services to protect the service from criminal activity.

3. Law enforcement agencies, if necessary, to provide data according to the law, as well as in order to protect life.

4. Payment and telecommunication companies to pay for our products.

We guarantee that these parties act in accordance with the data protection and confidentiality provisions provided for in this Policy. We do our best to ensure that all data remains as anonymous as possible.

If KOFIZ changes ownership, for example, as a result of a takeover by another company or a merger, reorganization or sale of all or part of the assets, as well as in the event of insolvency, we may be required to disclose your personal data.
8. Your rights
In accordance with EU law, you have the right to file a complaint with the data protection authorities. If you are in the EU, you can contact your local data protection authority.

You have a number of rights under European data protection law if you are an EU citizen.

1. The right to receive information: what personal data the organization processes and why.

2. Right of access: you can request a copy of your data.

3. Right to rectification: if the data is incorrect, you have the right to rectification.

4. Right to delete: you have the right to delete data in certain circumstances.

5. The right to restrict processing: in some cases, you have the right to request termination of processing, but data storage will continue.

6. Right to transfer data: you can request a copy of your data in machine-readable form, which can be transferred to another provider.

7. Right to object: in certain circumstances (including when data is processed based on legitimate interests or for marketing purposes), you may object to such processing.

If you want to exercise any of the rights listed above, write to us at privacy@kofiz.ru. You can also send us an email at the following address: Albuca OU, Harju maakond, Tallin, Kesklinna linnaosa, Pärnu, mnt 41a, 10119.
9. How does KOFIZ protect my personal data?
KOFIZ takes the necessary security measures to protect and prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of information under our control, including your personal data. Our technical experts are constantly working to ensure that KOFIZ remains a secure application.

We take reasonable precautions against possible violations of the security of our application, website, user database, however, no application, website or data transmission over the Internet is completely safe, and we can not guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking , data loss or other irregularities will never occur. We urge you to take the necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data, including login information. In the event that your credentials on other services coincide with the credentials on KOFIZ , your personal data is at risk. If this happens, please contact our support team via the feedback page.
10. Where are my personal data stored?
We want you to have access to KOFIZ, wherever you are. To make this possible, we use a network of servers in the EU. This hardware is located in third-party data centers, but is owned by Albuca OU. Data collected by our partners may be stored outside the European Economic Area. We guarantee that the data will be adequately protected and that valid legal schemes such as EU-approved model clauses will be respected and reliable contractual standards implemented. If you would like more information about our safeguards, write to us at privacy@kofiz.ru.
11. Does KOFIZ collects any of my personal data?
If you contact our support team, we will receive your email address, and we can also track your IP address and information received from you to help solve your problem. We will keep a record of our correspondence with you, including any complaints that we receive from you about other users (and from other users about you) up to 6 years after the deletion of your account.
12. Does KOFIZ use my personal data for any other purposes?
From time to time, we may conduct surveys for research purposes and may contact you to find out if you would like to participate. Such surveys are voluntary and additional information about them will be provided to you as soon as we contact you. If you do not want to be contacted about participating in surveys, please contact our support team..

We use your personal information to resolve disputes, resolve problems, and enforce our terms of service.

13. Our contact information
If you have questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us:


By mail: Albuca OU, Harju maakond, Tallin, Kesklinna linnaosa, Pärnu, mnt 41a, 10119.